There is so much to share and learn about our industry on Twitter, and an impressive amount of this is contributed by South African’s! Here’s is a list of ten local Scrumsters that we recommend you follow on Twiiter.

In no particular order.

Annu AugustineAnnu Augustine (@annua)

‘Product Manager – Working on improving enterprise applications’

And not only product related, but daily tweets about the improvement of the organisation too!


Cara Faye (@cara_faye)

‘Agile-passionate Scrum Master and Facilitation Fanatic’

With a true specialisation in all things that need to be facilitated!



Carlo Kruger (@ironicbuddha)

‘Agile coach, DJ, chef, husband, pwnd by cats’

Carlo’s Twitter profile is the shortcut to some of the best Scrum and Agile articles and topics on the Internet.


Karen GreavesKaren Greaves (@karen_greaves)

‘Agile mentor, coach and trainer. Committee member of the Scrum User Group of South Africa. ‘

Not only on this list, but also features, internationally, among AgileScouts list Top Women in Agile Thought Leadership 2011. You go Karen!


Maritza van den Heuvel (@maritzavdh)Maritza van den Heuvel (@maritzavdh)

Learning Manager, parent, blogger, Kanban, problem-solving. Above all, learning organizations. In short, connectivist.

Showing us how to apply agile fundamentals into many others area’s of work and life!


Patrick VinePatrick Vine (@patrick_vine)

‘Dad, husband, medievalist. Scrum junkie desiring to deliver software better – both with process and design. Passion for solving technical            problems.’

With frequent links to his many fresh blog posts.


Rian van der MerweRian van der Merwe (@RianVDM)

Tweets about design, technology, software development, and the creative process.’

Turning user experience on it’s head, and always sharing his insights!



Sam LaingSamantha Laing (@samlaing)

‘My passion for agile is lived daily – another love is spending time outdoors, usually running trails ‘




Yes, we know, there are only nine 🙂

Help us come up with the tenth.

Who are your favourite South African Agilists in Twittersphere?