Agile Testing

When: 6 May 2010, 6PM

Venue: Allan Gray Portswood office in the Presentation Room on the third floor. You can download a map here. Everyone parking in the Portswood parking area will have to pay for their own parking tickets. There is also parking available in Beach road.

Cost: Free

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Topic: Software Testing – How has agile changed the game?

Karen goes back to the core of why we test and what we know about testing from research data. She will explorer the implications of agile software development on testing: what has to change in our approach to testing in an agile environment; and what can we still use from traditional testing techniques. She will cover some automation tips, defect tracking, test reporting and finally some technical things testers really need to understand.

About the Speaker

Karen started out her career as a Software Tester for Microsoft on Windows 2000. She learned a great deal about testing in this complex environment with about 3000 people working on a single product. She was fortunate enough to be trained in testing fundamentals by Cem Kaner. It’s 10 years later and Karen been working with agile teams for 5 years, she is still passionate about testing and as a Scrum Coach is interested in how the discipline of testing has been affected by agile.


This event’s catering is kindly sponsored by Hetzner


3 Responses to “Agile Testing”

  1. Jannie van Wyk 3 May 2010 at 11:40 # Reply

    Would like to attend the Agile Testing seminar

  2. Jarques Cloete 7 May 2010 at 09:28 # Reply

    I attended and it was awesome! Thanks Karen and all involved in organising. When can we have the slides – I want to pass them out to other members of the team that did not attend A.S.A.P! Thanks! Jarques

  3. Kevin Fourie 7 May 2010 at 12:35 # Reply

    Hi Jarques,

    Glad you enjoyed it. The slides should be posted on this site by early next week.

    Kevin Fourie

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