Pat Busch Mountain Resort, just outside Robertson was the perfect bush retreat venue for our first ever Coaching Retreat. Twenty-five of the Cape Town and Johannesburg Scrum community attended.  Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers and Team Members.

I arrived on Friday late afternoon. I couldn’t believe the warm welcome I received with just about everyone around my car. Later I realised it was because I was bringing the beer from Cape Town, I was running a bit late, and the delegates were thirsty! Still, the usual welcoming and accommodating nature of our community is something I can never get tired of.

Friday evening was about socialising! It did feel quite different to the usual monthly events – everyone in shorts and slip-slops, interacting and getting to know each other on a whole new level.

Saturday morning. Trial running. We self-organised into groups depending on 1) level of fitness, 2) wake-up time and 3) previous-night factor. Nonetheless, it was an ideal way to welcome the weekend, taking in the fresh air and beautiful settings at the heart of the world’s longest wine route.

After breakfast, we rounded up the troops for a few ice-breakers, after which Sam and Cara began the open-space marketplace. Just about everyone advertised a topic, all keen to either share some idea’s, seek help or offer experiences. Within only a few minutes, the day’s agenda was planned and were all ready to roll.

In total, over twenty sessions, all of Open Space format, were facilitated throughout the course of the day. The weather in Robertson was awesome the entire weekend so many took place outside. Here are some of topics:

* Supporting new Product Owners

* Taking teams to the self-managing realm

* Getting developers agile

* Scrum Master War Stories (the good, the bad, the ugly!)

* Agile Games

* Neuroscience of change

* And many more…

Later in the evening, the fires were lit, the braai started and the open space environment of sharing agile experience certainly didn’t end! Great food, great company, the perfect bush setting.

Early Sunday morning a group of intrepid hikers congregated at the main hall, ready for their 6am jaunt up the nearby hill. What followed definitely deserves it’s own blog post (watch-this-space!). If I have to summarise, the highlights (and perhaps also low-lights) would have to include:

A fairly energetic brisk walk up to the highest point

  • The obligatory photo’s of the views. FaceBook profile quality stuff
  • Getting quite lost while trying to follow a waterfall – oh the irony;-)
  • Being attacked by a swarm of angry bee’s. Three of us sustained stings. Not a pleasant experience…
  • Some hardcore path finding that would make any scout earn his badge
  • A well deserved splash in the dam once we were back
  • An even more deserving champaign breakfast thereafter

After breakfast, Sam and Karen “closed the circle” with some fun exercises and interactive feedback from the attendee’s on their weekend

All in all, we found it productive, yet relaxing, taking our community into new area’s. We hope this is the first of many such events.

Did you attend? Share your experiences and thoughts below. canada online casino

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