Event Report: SUGSA launch in Johannesburg

The 1st official SUGSA Johannesburg scrum gathering was held last night at Discovery Health in Sandton.

Marius gave an excellent talk on agile and the various flavours available, such as kanban and scrum. The talk focused on the tools at your disposal in the various agile approaches and stressed not getting tangled in wondering which one is the best. Depending on where you and your organisation are in the agile transition process, you need to choose the tools that is best suited to your maturity level of agile adoption. Then as a group we interacted with each other and discussed what we expect to get out of the scrum group in future meetings.

The free gifts where much appreciated.

It was excellent chatting to like minded people.

It was a huge success!!!

Looking forward to Jan! ūüôā

The next event will be on 25 January 2011.

From an attendee in the meeting:

“I would define last nights SUGSA JHB initialize meeting as a success. While the audience¬†initially¬†seemed reserved as a whole, maybe not knowing what to expect,¬†the energy quickly mounted once we broke into the small murmur groups. Every person I spoke to in the group session and after the event formalities during networking said that they would¬†definitely¬†attend the next meeting. The venue, food, presentation topic and SCRUMM Alliance gift packs presented a very high and¬†professional¬†level of presentation, which I think impressed all who attended. Personally I’m very excited about this group and already have learned a lot just from the presentation and talking to people I met at the group!

I think that people are hungry to hear success case studies and would love to see this as a small part of every gathering.”

See the presentation slides: Navigating the Agile Flame Wars

Photos of the event:

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  1. Barry Painting 4 November 2010 at 12:38 # Reply

    We started Scrum today!!!!!!!
    Dev has been split into two teams and tomorrow will be the 1st Daily scrum, 3 Rules:
    1. It will be no longer than 15mins
    2. We all stand for the meeting to keep it short.
    3. Everyone will have to answer 3 questions; What did you do yesterday, what have you planned for today, what problems did you encounter.

    That’s it……

    Cheers Barry

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