Cape Town: Collaborative Workspaces

The evening of April 7 sees a change in venue and a great topic – Collaborative Workspaces.
The Briteblue Project are our hosts in their theater-style office in Hout Street, Cape Town.

Expect an email with more info closer to the time.


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  1. Roger Saner 7 April 2011 at 19:19 # Reply

    Not only did I not get an email with more info closer to the time (and yes, I’m subscribed to the list) but no-one thought to update the site with useful details, like an address. And no, “Hout Street” is not good enough – I walked it up and down looking for Briteblue Project, which doesn’t look like it has a sign on the street.

    Some googling (after I got home) eventually revealed this site with more details:–collocation–ho-hum–why-should-i-care–events–177398505

    Why not just link to it from this post? I’m desperately disappointed – SUGSA brings together people that show that it’s possible to run software projects successfully, and I get a lot out of the meetups. I was really looking forward to Peter’s talk tonight, and the World Cafe. Will someone be able to post a summary/pictures?

    • kareng 13 April 2011 at 10:06 # Reply

      We are very sorry about this Roger, and will try to improve on this in future. Also we will post a link to the video of the event in a week or so when we have finished editing it.

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