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We are starting new round of agile coaching circles on Monday 9 May. What is an agile coaching circle you ask?

Here is my definition: It’s a group of likeminded peers who get together regular for a fixed period of time, to share experiences and knowledge and grow their skills towards becoming better agilists.

Who is it for: It’s not just for aspiring coaches or ScrumMasters. Anyone interested in sharing there experiences with agile, and learning from peers can join.

What does it involve: We start with a combined kickoff for anyone interested in the circles on 9 May. Here is were we will split into smaller groups based on what time and location suits people best. Each circle will meet for a 90 minute session every fortnight for 3 sessions, then we will have a combined retrospective with all sessions. In total you are committing to 5 x 90 minute slots over a 10 week period.

What if I want to attend more sessions: We have found it best to regroup after a certain number of sessions 1) so that new people can join and 2) so that people whose circumstances have changed can drop out, or switch to circle at a different time/place. When this round is over, we will run another. This is the 3rd round, and everyone from round 1 is still involved.

Not yet convinced? Here are what previous circle attendees have to say about it:

Coaching circles provide a platform to openly discuss commonly-encountered situations and brainstorm approaches in an environment where no-one is invested in the outcome so the thoughts and ideas flow freely.

Coaching Circles are bi-weekly informal get-togethers at somebody’s house, where we dig deeper into areas of Scrum that we are interested in and/or grappling with, to learn from our shared knowledge & experiences.

The agile coaching circles present a major opportunity to meet with likeminded people and, in a friendly and collaborative environment, be exposed to real world issues and how people are solving them.

A fun, relaxed and inspiring get together with people who are passionate about agile. Much like the MasterCard ads … priceless 🙂

A coaching circle is a safe and friendly place to have frank discussions about all things Agile.You can dig deep into work-related issues regarding Scrum, or other, implementations and learn loads from other people’s experience.

A coaching circle is light and informal. Its a great forum where a small group can come together exchange ideas and learn from one another. And drink wine. And eat tiramisu.

Okay I’m sold, now what? Come to the kickoff session

Monday 9 May 2011 6pm to 7.30pm

12 Park Villa Road, Observatory.

RSVP to info [at] scrum [dot] org [dot] za

2 Responses to “More Coaching Circles”

  1. Brady Kelly 4 May 2011 at 21:23 # Reply

    What stands in the way of like-minded people helping get something like this moving in Jo’burg? I’m sure experts like Kevin Trethewey, of Driven Software, as well as novices as myself, could come up with something fellows up here would find useful.

    • kareng 5 May 2011 at 09:24 # Reply

      Hi Brady. Nothing at all, it would be great to get these going in Jhb as well. If you like I can chat you through how we got started in Cape Town and maybe you can kick them off in Jhb. I’ll send you an email.

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