Danie Roux: Pop Psych Pair Programming

Track: Technical

Duration: 30 minutes

Description: Pair programming is a much maligned and much misaligned practice.

Danie will explore the human dynamics present when people are new at pair programming. He is of the belief that skill level is not the limiting factor in the adoption of pairing. Instead, it is almost always the level of comfort in the pair.

Over many years, pairing with many different comfort levels, Danie has developed a few thoughts on how to get people comfortable with pair programming quickly.

Danie will be sharing those thoughts and hoping for feedback.

Bio of Danie Roux:
danie_rouxDanie Roux is a people person and a change agent.

Danie’s proudest moment as a professional was to get the title “Team Mascot” printed onto a payslip. As a team mascot he has spent many years experiencing agile in many of its forms.

Most recently, Danie consults on the “why” and “how” of value creation.

Danie is always interested in being interested.


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