A big thank you to both Tarryn Mushfieldt and Margarethe de Cafmeyer from Allen Gray for sharing their extensive SCRUM knowledge with the JHB SUGSA SCRUM crowed.

Tarryn opened the evening by taking the audience through the process that Allan Gray has been using since 2008 to implement SCRUM as a development methodology when delivering their application functionality. The presentation was incredibly practical to those using or hoping to use SCRUM in a large enterprise and this was evident through the large volume of questions and debate that Tarryn fielded from the JHB audience.

Margarethe de Cafmeyer followed with a very interesting presentation on
standardizing testing in an agile environment where she presented a very useful and quantitative approach to the measurement of quality in their software releases.

One person attending had the following to say about the evening:

The evening was energising and filled with lots of input, questions and interactions with the 2 speakers. The presentations triggered lots of thoughts and questions and the group entered into in-depth conversations around these questions with each other and the speakers.

We left there thinking the evening was too short and that we wanted more time to discuss the things we are so passionate about.

After the event both speakers were later open to chat with the audience over some refreshments. It was a great evening to interact with high skilled SCRUM practitioners who have experience from the trenches!