Many thanks to David Campey for his honest and refreshing talk on Agile Contracting last Thursday for the Cape Town SUGSA group.

David started off by describing the “House of Agile” as a parallel between the four principles of the Agile manifesto and the foundations of a house – the items on the right forming the solid aspects which give structure but create prison-like walls, and how incorporating the items on the left creates windows and doors which allow us to move smoothly through the “House of Agile”.

 Not Started, In Progress, Done    Lots of interest in the room    Sharing some personal experiences

Moving onto contracting, David gave us the analogy of using Agile user stories for writing the needs of a Scrum team into the contract, BDD Given/When/Then scenario planning to facilitate the discussion, and TDD to test the contract in the real world. He wrapped up with a clarification of profit and cost models for Fixed Price, Time & Materials and a true “money for nothing & your change for free” contract that works for both client and vendor.

Peppered with real-world stories we can all relate to, this was a highly entertaining and valuable talk – followed as always by great conversation afterwards. See you all next time!