Join SUGSA Cape Town on 7 July when Herman Lintvelt facilitates a workshop on Domain Driven Design.

Topic: Discovering the value of Domain-Driven Design: a workshop

When: 7 July 2011, 6:00PM

Venue: Allan Gray Portswood office in the Presentation Room on the third floor. You can download a map here. Everyone parking in the Portswood parking area will have to pay for their own parking tickets. There is also parking available in Beach Road.

Sign up: Please sign up here in order to help us with catering.

This will be a workshop where we use DDD to challenge the complexity of software projects, and in that process determine the value that DDD offers us.

As Eric Evans put it: “Yet the most significant complexity of many applications is not technical. It is in the domain itself, the activity or business of the user. When this domain complexity is not handled in the design, it won’t matter that the infrastructural technology is well conceived. A successful design must systematically deal with this central aspect of the software.”

We will look at a case study or two, and apply DDD to the domain of mobile application development.
There will be time for discussion and reflection; for internalisation and realisation that you can go out and “tackle complexity in the heart of software”.

[Quotes from “Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software”, Eric Evans, Addison-Wesley, 2009]

About Herman Lintvelt:
Quality Software Development.
I’m passionate about it.

Whether I’m training, consulting, or coding, I believe that it is a core part of crafting great software. Not just quality code and design, but also great user experience.

I try to spread this passion wherever I’m involved in projects and course presentations, maybe overdoing the sermons a bit at times…

For years I have been mostly involved in creating GUI applications with Java-based technologies, for desktop, web and mobile. I find the mobile space very exciting, and have extended my core skills to include UX design and development of mobile applications for various smartphone platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry).
I started programming in Logo in grade 6 and have not looked back since then. In 2001 I founded Polymorph Systems, focusing on development of Java-based systems. More recently we started to build our mobile capabilities, especially in smartphone application development; initially because it was fun, now because it is fun and we can make money.

I’m the only person in South Africa qualified by Dr Heinz Kabutz of JavaSpecialists.EU to present The JavaSpecialists Master course.
In Polymorph, and at clients, I advocate the use of DDD and proper OO analysis and design, and to this end I also recently authored a course on OO Analysis & Design.

This event sponsored by Alchemy Software.