Here are some great Agile books we recommend:

Introduction to Agile

  • The Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmusson
    A simple, easy to read and highly informative introduction for team members transitioning to agile, it covers everything from changing requirements to relative estimating.
  • Succeeding with Agile  by Mike Cohn
    Comprehensive introduction to the process and challenges of transitioning to Scrum
  • Scrum and XP from the Trenches by Henrik Kniberg
    An essential part of any Agile book collection

Team Dynamics

  • Agile Retrospectives: Making good teams great by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen
    The definitive book on getting the most out of your retrospectives – an easy read and indispensable guide for retrospective structures & activities.
  • Coaching Agile Teams  by Lyssa Adkins
    An excellent reference guide for Scrum Masters, Coaches & Project managers who have transitioned to Agile.
  • Collaboration Explained by Jean Tabaka
    Another excellent resource book for understanding team collaboration and facilitating for a variety of different conditions.
  • Gamestorming by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo
    This is the book to read when you’re ready to extend your facilitation toolkit.
Agile Product Management
Team Practices


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