Gail Jacobs

I’m a qualified industrial engineer, published author, project management professional, certified advanced senior scrum master, Agile Coach, certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, speaker and DISC Behavioral Consultant.

I’m also a single mom of an 18 year old son, with whom I’ve traveled the world with in support of his dancing career. Currently I’m employed as an Agile Coach at FNB. I’m working in my dream job and I’m loving it.

Andre Deschodt

I have been active in the agile space for over 10 years now. I have been a Scrum Master as well as Agile Coach during this time. Currently I am an agile consultant at IQ Business and doing some other Agile stuff wherever I can.

I am intrigued by people and how they work together in teams, what motivates them, what makes them trust each other and what makes or breaks them. I love the concept of how challenges and changes brings opportunity to unlearn existing thinking and learn new ways. Events that create opportunity for change is also one of my favourite things.

Helping people to adopt and go through change drives me. I enjoy it when someone, who comes to work tired and depressed all of a sudden, one day says: “I have never been this happy at work”; and mean it.

Adrian Tonkin

I am currently an agile coach at FNB. I have been working in agile ways since 2012.

My coaching journey kicked off in 2017 and was accelerated by a two year mentoring programme of intensive learning and practice with agile42. I help people to form high performing teams and get them on their learning journey towards agility. My day job involves coaching teams, leading change, developing skills and coach self-development.

Jonathan Jacobs

From a Bank (FNB) to a well know technology partner (Synthesis Software Technologies), I have been inside and seen how it looks from an outside perspective.

I enjoy being part of and understanding the technical solution but my passion lies in providing efficient value streams.

Khwezi Mputa

Khwezi is an Agilist who is passionate about helping organisations and people towards achieving success through Agile transformations. She has worked as an IT professional since 2008, with solid experience in positions such as Scrum Master, Agile Project Manager and Business Analyst across multiple industries.

Khwezi is also an active member of the Agile community who has helped in initiatives focused at creating more diversity within the Agile industry.

She loves exploring new places, if travel was for free you would never see her. When Khwezi isn’t changing lives coaching, you’ll find her shopping for new items to redecorate her home.

Afika Mngqundaniso

I am a rookie Scrum Master who’s passionate about Agility and helping people be the best and happiest version of themselves at work.

I’m a daughter, a sister, and soon to be someone’s wife. I am a total ray of sunshine and carry an undeniable amount of energy and optimism for the things I am passionate about (like Agility).

I love wine and can have endless conversations around why people are the way they are and how criminals think, even though I have no qualification that suggests I can have an opinion about either of these topics. By profession I’m a lawyer, by nature I’m a good human, and by (limited) experience and exposure I am a self proclaimed agilist. Oh, and I’m pretty funny in my own right 🙂