You might have heard us mention that there will not be a Scrum Gathering this year. We know you were looking forward to it. But us wacky agile folks love change, so we thought it was time to mix it up!

Agile Africa will be a large scale agile conference in Johannesburg in late August that should fill your needs for international speakers, and agile talks.

So SUGSA is bringing you 3 different events instead!

1. Scrum in the Pub – happening in July (we hope). Details coming soon. It will involve beer and questions so you can prove your agile prowess to all your fellow agile geeks. There is even a rumour of prizes…. Of course, since it’s an agile quiz, we will be competing in teams. So start studying up your agile and Scrum trivia and picking your team mates.

2. Code Lab – a two day technical conference dedicated to team members who want to get better at good things like pairing and TDD. We hope to have 2 international gurus here as well (but names are under wraps until it’s confirmed…). Find out more here.

3. Agile Coach Retreat – Coach camps are popular in  Europe and the USA. But in Africa camping means tents, and there definitely won’t be tents if I have any say, so we are calling it a retreat. What is it? A weekend getaway to a remote location with a bunch of like minded agile coaches/scrum masters for 3 days of unconference open space. We will talk, we will share, we will eat and drink, we will learn, we will laugh, and mostly we will have fun. Keep an eye out for details later in the year, we hope to do this as the year winds down in November.

And of course on top of this we will keeping bringing you regular monthly events in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We hope you won’t miss the Scrum Gathering too much given all of this instead 😉