4 April 2012, 6:00PM

Please note this event is on a WEDNESDAY, rather than the usual Thursday, due to the Easter weekend.

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Allan Gray Portswood office in the Presentation Room on the third floor. You can download a map here. Everyone parking in the Portswood parking area will have to pay for their own parking tickets. There is also parking available in Beach Road.


For many teams, the hardest part of a retrospective is getting to the root cause of the impediments they uncover. Treating these impediments at the symptomatic level inevitably leads to the problem reoccurring at some later date, and as a result, undermines the retrospective process.

Taichii Ohno, the Chief Engineer who was responsible for embedding many of the techniques within what we now call “The Toyota Way”, attributed Toyota’s continuous improvement to the discipline of root cause analysis.

This will be a practical workshop format where you will get the chance to practice root cause analysis techniques that will equip you with ways to improve your retrospectives and after-action-reviews. There will also be a high level introduction to A3 (another Toyota technique) which provides a structured approach to problem solving using root cause analysis.


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Carlo Kruger is a Lean & Agile coach with four years experience in helping teams and individuals unlock their potential. He has worked with organisations as small as eight and as large as several thousand and in a variety of industries. His background is in Risk Management but he has been happily puttering around in the IT industry for the last ten years. He has recently joined Unboxed Consulting

When not at work Carlo likes to write about himself in the third person, read sci-fi and cook very complicated meals for fun. You can stalk him (and read all about his cats) at

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