When:  3 May 2012, 6:00PM.   We are back to our Thursday slot

Who: Mandy Schoeman

Topic: Predictability vs Adaptability, who wins?

Venue: Allan Gray Portswood office in the Presentation Room on the third floor.

You can download a map here. Everyone parking in the Portswood parking area will have to pay for their own parking tickets. There is also parking available in Beach Road.


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While classic waterfall is based on defined methods and stands for predictability, Agile is empirical and stands for adaptability.  Agile is not just about avoiding the pitfalls of developing the wrong software or product but is used to reduce overheads and keep them as low as possible. Considering both these methods have their own strengths and weaknesses, which one would you use to get the best business value and biggest return on investment (ROI)?

This practical workshop uses a fun game to demonstrate the benefits of choosing Agile over the traditional methods. Each attendee will receive the complete game instructions to enforce the benefits of BEING agile in their approach to software or product development.


A bit about Mandy Schoeman:


Mandy is a passionate people’s person with an enthusiasm for Scrum and Agile. She is a Professional Scrum Trainer with more than twenty years experience in the field of Further Education and Training.

Mandy uses training, coaching, agile games and facilitation techniques to help teams stay inspired focused and motivated, enabling them to reach their goals and achieve successful project delivery.

You can follow Mandy on Twitter (@MandySchoeman), check-out her website or connect with her on LinkedIn