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Enjoy SUGSA events, want to get a bit more involved? Why not join next year's committee? Nominations for the 2013 Cape Town SUGSA

New Product Owner role in CT

A technology company based in Cape Town is looking for a Product Owner to join their product department. Working closely with a

Coaching Circle Retrospective

Another round of coaching circles has come to an end. As usual we wrapped up with a retrospective. We had a good representative

Coaching Circle Retrospective

The first round of coaching circles for 2012 came to an end in April; closing with a retrospective as usual. Feedback from

Lean IT Workshop

The Lean Institute of Africa is a non-profit company with the aim of promoting lean management in South Africa and the rest

Job on a Scrum Team

Looking for some growth or a new opportunity? Interested in working in a Scrum team, please see the job spec below fo

And the winners are…

  Last month we ran a "nominate for Neuland" competition for people to nominate the most influential agilists in their environments. I'm

Nominate for Neuland

As you may know if you attended this year's Scrum Gathering, here at SUGSA we LOVE Neuland markers. We happen to have

2012 SUGSA Committee Nominations

Nominations for the 2012 Cape Town SUGSA Committee, are now open to all SUGSA members. If you would like to nominate yourself