Event Report: Code Lab

Event Report by Pavel Dabrytski I had an opportunity to attend Code Lab conference which took place 31 July - 1 August at

Wisdoms from the Practical Agile Release Planning and Prediction talk

It was great hearing a product manager’s perspective on release planning and prediction. You don’t hear enough talks from product managers and

CPT Event Report – Scrum in the Pub

Continuing with our 'events with a difference' theme for this year, we decided to give the lecture hall a break this month

Event Report: Collaboration and Communication

I had the pleasure of attending the session from Brent on his experience working at KRS, his (and the companies') agile journey. But more

Event Report: Root Cause Analysis and A3 thinking

The session started with an explanation of the 5 Whys, which Carlo likened to an annoying toddler. I had never thought of

Event Report: Building self-organising teams with Information Radiators

The self-organising team. The stuff of dreams, the dreams of team members and "management". How do we throw off the shackles of

Event Report: Release Planning

For SUGSA’s first event of 2012, Patrick Vine shared his ‘just do it’ attitude to planning agile releases. With an emphasis on

Cape Town: Release Planning with Scrum: Controlling the Chaos

Join SUGSA Cape Town on 2 February when we have Release Planning with Scrum: Controlling the Chaos. When: 2 February 2012, 6:00PM

Event Report: World Cafe conversations

The coffee shop or cafe scene was set with mood-lighting and flowers on the tables; the only missing element was coffee, but

Event Report: Retrospectives – Get Better at Getting Better.

It was a cold and wet night, but many people still made it out to participate.  Many thanks to Cara for facilitating this discussion