Another round of coaching circles has drawn to a close. We held a retrospective on Monday at 6pm. Here are some of the things we discovered in the retrospective.

We started with a quick checkin, here are some of the words people used to describe the coaching circles:

So what did we learn?

Most people agree that we are doing some things right and should keep doing them.

  • Meeting once every 2 weeks
  • Keeping groups to 5-6 people
  • Timeboxing to 90 minutes
  • Rotating facilitators
  • Having a range of venues including some in the northern suburbs
  • Communicating our learnings via the agile anonymous google group

We also agreed on a few changes.

  • We should try only send emails about whether we can make the circle or not to our direct circle members, not the whole AA group
  • Facilitators should do a SUGSA blog post on the topic after each circle
  • We should extend the circles so that we have 4 sessions in a particular round
  • All circles should have snacks, we are all jealous of the Tiramisu group!
  • We should write up a ‘tips for facilitators’ document to help first time facilitators know what to do
  • We should try be a bit more organized in how we assign people to circles at the kickoff
  • People hosting a venue should be at the kickoff to meet people from their circles, especially newbies

The actions we agreed.

  • Karen to do a blog post on the retro (and here it is).
  • Karen to send out a mailer to the SUGSA list about the next kickoff on 18 July (watch for that soon)
  • Karen to announce the next round of circles at Thursday’s SUGSA meeting (let’s hope I remember)
  • Emil to setup a google spreadsheet for upcoming circles so that people can offer venues and put their names against circles before the kickoff
  • Neil will start a document on tips for facilitators and will share it with the AA group

That’s it. Watch out for a mailer soon on the next circle kickoff session, it will be on 18 July at 6pm, still confirming the venue…

Hope to see some new faces joining our circles soon, and for those of you in Jhb, I’ve also been running a skype circle with some folks in Jhb to show them the ropes, once that wraps up next week, I’m sure the Jhb SUGSA folks will kickoff some circles there too.