Tonight we were privileged to hold the Collaborative Workspaces event in Chris Tisdall’s awesome Theatre of Dreams aka BriteBlue’s offices in Hout Street. It just felt right having conversations on this topic in such a collaboration-rich space.

The event was structured as a World Cafe conversation. After introducing the Café concept, Peter gave a 10-minute impulse on the why’s and how’s of designing collaborative spaces. Collaborative spaces slides.

The table hosts announced their topics and we held two 20-minute conversation rounds. Each host then got 2 minutes to summarise their table discussions (see summaries below). Snacks and drinks were available while the Café ran.

We closed with murmur groups and a Guest Book (see picture) with feedback on the event.

Conversation summaries:

{Will be added when I can figure out how to overcome the size problems. Sorry!}