The self-organising team. The stuff of dreams, the dreams of team members and “management”. How do we throw off the shackles of accidental oppression and liberate teams to do their best work? David will share some of his insights from his experiences building and re-building teams. Key to great teams is communication, both internally and externally.

Information radiators are the things we stick on our walls and plaster on our development environments. We see them every day, they radiate information. The art of crafting an effective radiator is something that David has been trying his hand at for a while, and he’ll introduce his take on the core library and some friends.

Particularly interesting is how radiators can hurt or improve a team’s autonomy, innovation and quality. The tension that binds radiators and self organisation is expressed by Peter Drucker: “What gets measured, gets managed.” Let’s explore how we measure, who does it, and what do we really want?

David will be presenting on this topic at Agile Africa in May. This SUGSA sneak-peek will be the first time this talk has been presented, so please bring your critical thinking caps and add to the conversation.
Say something about information refrigerators and making it easy for the team to do it and hence wanting to do it.  Lofi around accuracy – don’t imply accuracy.   I think there was a YAGNI comment in there.


Hmmm… can’t remember much else.  Other than Aslam digging into multiple views of the data is good but make the data DRY.