Many thanks to Herman Lintvelt for presenting this entertaining workshop on Domain-Driven Design.  There is clearly an interest and hunger for details around DDD with over 100 sign-ups for this event and an awesome turn out on the night.

We started with group work, brainstorming the common problems of software development and writing those up. Herman proceeded to briefly touch on the issues and suggest that DDD could perhaps help with many of the problems.


Herman illustrated the power of a ubiquitous language that provides a common understanding between developer and business.  When discussing a design based on the developer’s understanding and in his language vs. a DDD design discussed with the developer meeting the business with a common language.  The example was the building of a Scrum tool which the audience emoted with well and generated many entertaining comments along the way.  Thanks to Aslam for volunteering to help out with this.

It came around a full circle and after discussing more interesting details we closed with briefly touching on all the problems that were raised initially.  If you’d like to check out the slides they are here.

As always we ended off with food and drink with many people continuing to discuss the topic relatively late.

Hope to see everyone at the next event which will probably focus on  Retrospectives.