It was a cold and wet night, but many people still made it out to participate.  Many thanks to Cara for facilitating this discussion into retrospectives and for sharing her knowledge and learning from her experiences.

The flow of the sessions was standard retrospective style.   The agenda was laid out and we got down to the business of group discussion.

We broke into 6 groups to focus on the 6 parts of the retro.   But first – the whole group brainstormed the outcomes and the key factors for a successful retrospective.

We then brainstormed in our six groups – each on a board focusing on one of the stages of the retrospective.

After gathering the data, we each had 1 minute per board to read the boards – and then to dot vote the board of most interest / issue to you.  Each person had 2 dots.  We dug into the actions board and then started a more general Q&A which dug into some of the other boards.

So what we generated for the stages of the retrospective are below:

Everyone learnt something new and many learnt a lot new.  Many thanks again to Cara for sharing her experiences and facilitating the discussions. 

We closed with a quick raffle for a ticket to the Cape Town gathering.  Congratulations again to Tania who won the ticket.  We followed this with the usual drinks and snacks for more discussions around retrospectives and other things Scrum.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Gathering next month!

Agile Retrospectives by Esther Darby and Diana Larson @
Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink @
RSA Animate overview on Drive is @