The coffee shop or cafe scene was set with mood-lighting and flowers on the tables; the only missing element was coffee, but the crowd made do with other assorted drinks.
We had a practical session using the World Cafe technique to discuss a light-hearted question – “How can SUGSA be more?”. It turned out that the question was important enough to the extent that we spent two 20-minute sessions on it. A number of extremely useful suggestions and pertinent points of view emerged regarding the Scrum User Group of SA! The findings can certainly be carried forward as action points for the SUGSA committee. All of the ideas and thoughts were recorded on tablecloths by the groups of four at a coffee table.
The graphic recorder was Warren Maroon from the Ruth Prowse School of Art – many thanks Warren!
Click on the web album below to view pictures of the evening; the tablecloths, discussion groups and the graphic recording, cartoon-style.
Post a comment if you remember that one important thing you still wanted to say… or if you just want to give us your impressions of the event.

SUGSA – World Cafe