And we’re here! Only 2 days to go before the Johannesburg Gathering. We are hard at work finalizing those last minute details at the venues.

Even the most avid learners sometimes get full. The Leopard Lounge will be a place to relax when your brain is full and you need a break, or a place to connect between sessions and have those important conversations with other delegates which are what makes a Scrum Gathering special.

And, not only will there be dedicated tracks for the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, the Manager and the members of the team, but we also have a few extra’s planned.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:


Mitch Lacey

   Board of Directors of Scrum Alliance

We have the pleasure this year of hosting Mitch Lacey, from the Scrum Alliance.

Mitch  is an Agile practitioner and trainer who has been managing projects for over twelve years with numerous plan-driven and Agile projects under his belt, including core enterprise services for Windows Live.

An author of numerous publications and a speaker at many Agile conferences, Mitch will be welcoming us at both the Johannesburg and Cape Town events. Mitch will be on hand during each day to answer any Scrum Alliance questions should you wish to catch up on what is happening in our international community.


Agile Games

   with Samantha Laing & Karen Greaves

Agile is about more than processes and tools. It’s about individuals and interactions, and there is no better way to experience this that by participating in agile games.

Get ready for a session of high energy and interaction. You’ll be sure to have new friends at the end of this one!

And the best bit is that we’re be having Agile Games at both the Johannesburg and Cape Town events.

 Phil Barrett

A hands-on introduction to sprint zero

   with Phil Barrett (CT Only)

Before you commit to writing too much code, it’s good to be sure you have got a big idea for your product that really works for users, and that stakeholders agree with the direction you’re taking. You need a phase to explore ideas, and get feedback from users, before you get stuck into your sprints. This makes sure you start off climbing the right mountain, rather than realising you’re on the wrong one when you’re half way up.

Creating prototypes in code is expensive and slow, when you’re on the hunt for the right version of the big idea.

UCD techniques can really help. Paper and pencil prototypes are cheaper than code and work well enough at the very early stages of a project. They let you explore more ideas in less time.

In the workshop you’ll get a chance to:
– Use personas and scenarios as a way to get new ideas
– Create a cheap paper/digital prototype that is good enough for testing
– Run a usability test

.. and we’ll cover the reasons why it works and why it’s good for your business, your team and your sanity.


Agile Jazz

   with Andrew Coote (CT Only)

Andrew has over 10 years experience as a developer, project manager and Scrum Master in various industries, including Microsoft EMEA in Reading, UK. He is also an accomplished Jazz trumpet player, who has toured with Mango Groove, Johnny Clegg, Natalie Cole and many others. How is that relevant you’re asking? Read below!

Using a live performance of a four-piece Jazz ensemble as a reference and demonstration, Andrew will present Jazz as a metaphor for Agile teamwork and the evolution of processes. We work through a cycle emphasising the following common attributes between Jazz and Agile teamwork: Skills, Self Management, Specialisation, Collaboration, Adaptivity, Innovation, Improvisation, Risk Taking, Supporting, Delivering Value, Sustaining Pace, and Passionate Commitment.

This is a light, entertaining session that is highly memorable as a metaphor for teamwork.


Scrum Clinic

   Got a question? Ask a doctor! (CT Only)

Got a problem or burning question with your Scrum implementation? Have an issue that you feel wasn’t addressed in any of the sessions? No problem – we have alocated time for our Scrum Doctors” (read: industry experts) to give you some one-on-one advise on whatever it is that you need help with. We have allocated three and  half hours on the second day of the Cape Town Gathering for this large scale Scrum clinic. Sorry Johannesburg, this one is for CT only.


Lightning Talks

   various speakers and topics (CT Only)

Now it’s your turn! We have an interesting line up of volunteer speakers from varying industries that will cover a wide range of topics . 10 minutes to present, 5 minutes for questions. An energetic way to end of the event.


There are still tickets available for both the Cape Town and Johannesburg events. Click here to book online.


We’ll see you there!