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Coaching circles are an opportunity to share your experience and to learn from your peers.

These circles kick off usually every quarter and run for about three months meeting once every 2 weeks at a time and venue that best suits the members of the circle. SUGSA usually has a number of concurrent circles running at any one time. Once a quarter members from all circles get together and retrospect on how it is working, after that we kick off another set of circles.
The circles have been running for over a year now, and in previous rounds we had up to 5 concurrent circles in Cape Town. Email us to get the notification about the kick off session and make sure you let use know what area you are from.
What’s the format?
  • Coaching circles are usually 6 to 8 people
  • Circles usually have a host who provides the venue (home or office)
  • Circles usually have a co-ordinator who makes sure everyone knows when the next circle is happening, what the topic is and who is facilitating
  • Facilitation is share between all the members of the circle, so this rotates to different members.
  • Circles usually meet every 2 weeks on a week night
Who are coaching circles for:
  • People actively practicing Scrum either 6 months in an agile company or 1 year in a company trying to adopt Scrum.
  • People who are passionate about Scrum and want to get involved in the Scrum community
  • People with enough experience to facilitate sessions on topics of interest to them
  • People with intermediate to advanced Scrum knowledge
  • People in any role and any size company, diversity is better.
Interested in joining a coaching circle? Email us to find out when the next circles start. Make sure you let use know what area you are from.
Read more about coaching circles on the FAQ page.

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