As a Product owner myself, I’m particularly looking forward to this track! As with the Buffalo Herd, this room will not only offer sessions that provide solid techniques and new idea’s but there will also be substantial focus on the more subtle and inherent principles, which turn good Product Owners into really great Product owners!

Here’s a brief overview of the speakers, and their sessions, for this years Product Owner track.

In Johannesburg, we introduce:

Aslam Khan

Product Ownership

While Scrum brings about fundamental change, it also an excuse to continue working ineffectively but under the disguise of a new vocabulary. This is most frequently seen in the area of product ownership. For a long time I have been wary of the way product ownership is “taught”, and the way it is executed in teams. I think the fundamental tension of product ownership is not being addressed. In this session I will take an extremely deep view of product ownership, not as an individual doing a job, but as a collective of thought leadership for exceptional product development.

While this sounds all too theoretical, we will look at concrete things that can be tried to get better at product development. For example, being able to detect the waterfall cascading in your scrum implementation, or dealing with non-scrum stakeholders for reporting and communication, how to stop being story factories, and getting the development team to be developers instead of code factories.

9 September 2011 – Sandton Convention Center – book your tickets online now!


In Cape Town, we’re looking forward to the following:

Simon Bennet

Beyond Kano: Using the Cynefin Framework for Backlog Management

Although Scrum is a great tool for managing Complex Product Development, not every single part of your product or project is actually in itself complex. Cynefin gives us a framework against which we can focus in on which parts of our backlog require the most attention as well as providing a mechanism for gaining stakeholder buy-in and team socialisation at the same time.


Come learn a new tool to put in your Product Owner’s backpack.


Rian van der Merwe

An Intoduction to User experience Design

How do you develop web sites that users love and that allow them to do exactly what they want to do without fuss or bother? How do you make sure users can navigate your web site effectively and get to all the information they need quickly? The answer lies in the process of User Experience Design, which at its core is about delivering business value by making sure there are no points of friction along the user’s journey through the web site.

In this talk I will give an overview of the elements of User Experience Design, and more importantly, why you should care about it. The goal is to provide some baseline knowledge of the user-centered design process to equip anyone to take those skills back to their desks and start applying it immediately. We’ll discuss user experience research, content strategy, interaction design, and visual design, and how those elements work together to build great experiences.


Maritza van den Heuvel

Can PO teams solve the PO Problems?

The Product Owner (PO) role is considered by many to be the key role that determines the ultimate success of a Scrum team. Ironically, the PO can also be your team’s single biggest impediment, since the role requires a unique, wide-ranging skill set and requires the PO to be actively involved at many levels within the business and with the team.

This session explores the feasibility of creating PO teams to address the PO challenge, examining specifically the process dynamics in a team of POs with often widely different skill sets, experience levels, approaches to requirements gathering and team interaction styles. This will be done through interactive role play and retrospective discussion. This is specifically in the context of a single product with multiple Scrum teams and POs.

The audience for this session is ideally practising product owners, product managers, as well as managers tasked with finding ways to scale Scrum beyond single teams or products. ScrumMasters dealing with multiple Scrum teams or multiple product owners, whether in teams or individually, would also benefit.


13 and 14 September 2011 – Erinvale Hotel, Somerset West – book your tickets online now!

We also have dedicated tracks for the Scrum Master, Scrum Team Members (developers, analysts, testers etc) as well as  Management. More information to come in the next few days,  so please – stay tuned. Click here to view the detailed program.