We are starting new round of agile coaching circles on Monday 9 May. What is an agile coaching circle you ask?

Here is my definition: It’s a group of likeminded peers who get together regular for a fixed period of time, to share experiences and knowledge and grow their skills towards becoming better agilists.

Who is it for: It’s not just for aspiring coaches or ScrumMasters. Anyone interested in sharing there experiences with agile, and learning from peers can join.

What does it involve: We start with a combined kickoff for anyone interested in the circles on 9 May. Here is were we will split into smaller groups based on what time and location suits people best. Each circle will meet for a 90 minute session every fortnight for 3 sessions, then we will have a combined retrospective with all sessions. In total you are committing to 5 x 90 minute slots over a 10 week period.

What if I want to attend more sessions: We have found it best to regroup after a certain number of sessions 1) so that new people can join and 2) so that people whose circumstances have changed can drop out, or switch to circle at a different time/place. When this round is over, we will run another. This is the 3rd round, and everyone from round 1 is still involved.

Not yet convinced? Here are what previous circle attendees have to say about it:

Coaching circles provide a platform to openly discuss commonly-encountered situations and brainstorm approaches in an environment where no-one is invested in the outcome so the thoughts and ideas flow freely.

Coaching Circles are bi-weekly informal get-togethers at somebody’s house, where we dig deeper into areas of Scrum that we are interested in and/or grappling with, to learn from our shared knowledge & experiences.

The agile coaching circles present a major opportunity to meet with likeminded people and, in a friendly and collaborative environment, be exposed to real world issues and how people are solving them.

A fun, relaxed and inspiring get together with people who are passionate about agile. Much like the MasterCard ads … priceless 🙂

A coaching circle is a safe and friendly place to have frank discussions about all things Agile.You can dig deep into work-related issues regarding Scrum, or other, implementations and learn loads from other people’s experience.

A coaching circle is light and informal. Its a great forum where a small group can come together exchange ideas and learn from one another. And drink wine. And eat tiramisu.

Okay I’m sold, now what? Come to the kickoff session

Monday 9 May 2011 6pm to 7.30pm

12 Park Villa Road, Observatory.

RSVP to info

[at] scrum [dot] org [dot] za