A technology company based in Cape Town is looking for a Product Owner to join their product department.

Working closely with a dynamic product management team, you will start by structuring and communicating a vision for your product and then testing this with various thought-leaders from around the organisation. Performing solid and pragmatic analysis into the business requirement is essential. This process will have you engage with each corner of the company, including Marketing, Sales, Call Centers, Legal and others.

Continuously showing real business value and prioritizing features based on ROI, you must find ways to reduce the time to market whilst still ensuring maximum quality.

You will be responsible for accepting or rejecting the software, and make the call if it is viable to be released to customers.

Driving the final testing, acceptance and adoption of the working software within the company is a key final requirement of the process.

Not only is this role within the software development realm, but you will be key in continuously challenging and changing the paradigm to provide better processes and solutions for staff and customers

Qualifications and Experience

  •  Tertiary education with a minimum of two years business analysis experience
  • Experience in agile software development, especially in the Product Owner role, will be highly advantageous
  • Experience in working with technology or software-based products
  • Proven track record in project management


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Structure and communicate a product vision
  • Initiate a project
  • Engage and represent various business stakeholders
  • Set clear goals for the development team to achieve
  • Create, groom, prioritize and order the product backlog based on real business value and ROI
  • Facilitate incremental and continuous feedback cycle between the software and the business stakeholders
  • Determine acceptance tests and facilitate the execution thereof
  • Compile and distribute information radiators which show transparent project progress
  • Retrospect and seek ways to continuous improve the introduction of new software into the business
  • Provide leadership, motivation and challenge a development team throughout the software development cycle


Should you know of anyone in your network who may be interested, please contact tcoleridge(at)mweb(dot)com