As you may know if you attended this year’s Scrum Gathering, here at SUGSA we LOVE Neuland markers. We happen to have a few left over from the goodie bags, so we thought about running a competition: Nominate for Neuland:

Nominate  the people who have been most influential in your agile journey this year. They don’t need to be a member of SUGSA, but they need to be living in South Africa. Write up a short paragraph on why they have inspired you, and send it to info <at> scrum <dot> org <dot> za, before 21 November.

We will  post a list of nominees with their stories, and ask the community to vote for the 10 most deserving agilists. Each winner will receive an awesome gift pack including a SUGSA moleskin journal and 4 Neuland Big One markers.

Get nominating!

Oh and the small print… Any SUGSA committee members are excluded from winning, since you know we love those markers so much we might just rig the votes to get them 🙂