SUGSA was approached by some members who wanted to let other members know about Scrum positions available at their company. We decided to ask the community what we should do. The majority voted that they would like to hear about these jobs. Previously we had a page for this, but with the website redesign we’ve decided to change this to blog posts on our community page. SUGSA does not profit financially from this, and does not vet either the jobs or the candidates involved.

If you are interested in applying for one of the jobs please follow the instructions below for the job you are interested in.

If you are interested in posting a job at your company, please email sugsa-com

[at] googlegroups [dot] com, and we will do a blog post on your behalf.

Date Posted: 12 April 2011
Position: ScrumMaster
Company: Allan Gray
Contact Person: Michael Groenewald
Job Specification: Allan Gray ScrumMaster Job Spec
How to apply: If you are interested and believe you will be able to excel in this role , please send your CV to Michael Groenewald (michael [dot] groenewald [at] allangray [dot] co [dot] za) for consideration.