Below you will find the contacts for speakers, their presentations and where they exist, the videos. We will continue to add to this as the presentations become available





Andrew Coote et al Agile – The Jazz Manifesto
Annu Augustine A product owners guide to saying ‘No’ Video Link
Aslam Khan The Product Owner
Aslam Khan Live your principles or stay in bed
Boris Gloger An effective ScrumMaster is the key
Boris Gloger Scrum for Leaders Video Link
Brent Blake Agile adoption success Video Link
Cara Turner Motivation++ – Building motivated teams with great facilitation
Cara Turner Setting achievable goals Video Link
Carlo Kruger Inspecting & Adapting your product
Carlo Kruger Your Sprint Review Sux! Video Link
David Campey Agile Contracting Video Link
Fadi Stephan Daily Stand-up Anti-patterns and Heuristics
Fadi Stephan Software Craftsmanship – Imperative or Hype
Kevin Trethewey See code differently
Manoj Vadakkan It’s the culture, Stupid! – Why Scrum is more than just a few ceremonies, roles, and artifacts?
Maritza van den Heuvel & Sam Laing Can PO teams solve the PO Problem?
Mitch Lacey Keynote address Video Link
Patrick Vine Fixed Price Scrum – an experience Video Link
Rian van der Merwe An Introduction to User Experience Design
Richard Bailey Help me, the hippies have taken my team to play games
Sam Laing & Karen Greaves Agile Games Video Link
Sharna Sammy Scrum within Publishing Video Link
Siegfried Kaltenecker The elephant is dead. Leadership in the agile world
Siegfried Kaltenecker The Big 5. Leadership as a team sport in the agile world
Simon Bennett Lean vs. Agile
Simon Bennett Beyond Kano: Using the Cynefin Framework for Backlog Management
Thorsten O Kalnin Agile Serious Play