Take the chance to be part of Scrum Gathering. Be like us, be one of the community!

This is an agile conference, so we want to have sponsors that support agile thinking and community.

As this is not an ordinary conference, we hope you as a sponsor also become extraordinary by rethinking sponsoring with us. We hope that you become an integrated part of the conference and make an effort to be remembered by attendees as something cool and valuable in contrast to merely a sponsor’s booth with free candies.

There are a number of ways of supporting our conference and you can choose what you find would be best for you and how active you want to be. If you want to meet the delegates in person you probably want to host a fun activity. However, there are plenty of ways to sponsor The Gathering, from small, to spectacular, to fun, to challenging – it is your own choice. We think you can find something that suits you best. If not, make a suggestion of your own! As long as it is interesting and adds value – you’re in!

There are a number of different activities that could be arranged for the evenings in the spirit of conferring and testing.

Some ideas are:

  • Agile competition and win a prize
  • Workout session
  • Massage
  • Live band and drinks
  • Sponsoring evening bar
  • Host a “relax area” where attendees can hang out
  • Host a barista that serves fresh coffee – with your brand on the cups and on the barista wagon.
  • Or you pitch us your idea and I’m sure we can work it out
  • Goodie bags
  • Lego

We will not have any sponsor booths. You get a space where you can have a roll-up and a banner, but we expect your branding to be remembered by the cool party/game/puzzle you are hosting. We expect you to put your focus and energy on the activity you are providing. We think you get the hint! Isn’t this the best way to get recognition and buzz from people?

We are more than happy to work together with you to come up with something that fits the conference and gets attendees’ attention.

As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to get extra recognition by sponsoring a book, a USB-memory loaded with free tools, holding your company´s logo or something else highly related to scrum or agile.

All sponsors will be presented on our website and on the printed program with their logo.

No attendee email addresses will be sold or given away.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested and we can discuss further. No sponsorship contribution is too small or too big however the contribution will be in line with the amount of visibility you then have. We are happy to work with you to create a package to suit your needs.


Many thanks and regards,

SUGSA committee 2016