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Cape Town: Agile Games

Join SUGSA Cape Town on 2 June when Karen and Sam facilitates some Agile Games.

Join us for an evening of agile games. Agile is about more than processes and tools. It’s about individuals and interactions, and there is no better way to experience this that by participating in agile games…

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Cape Town: How can contracts facilitate customer collaboration?

Join our Cape Town group on 5 May when David Campey discusses contracting models for agile projects.

Although “on the right” of the agile manifesto, the contract is a necessary foundation of a working relationship. If handled correctly a contract can bake agility into an engagement and make sure the principles are communicated to board level…

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Cape Town: Collaborative Workspaces

The evening of April 7 sees a change in venue and a great topic – Collaborative Workspaces.
The Briteblue Project are our hosts in their theater-style office in Hout Street, Cape Town.

Expect an email with more info closer to the time.

Cape Town: Theatre of Perplexing Predicaments

Join us for some fun and learning to end off 2010. Bring your most perplexing agile predicaments. We’ll act them out and all try our hand at facilitating your problems away, or at least giving you a few ideas to try for yourself.

Practise facilitation techniques
Get ideas for dealing with different situations
Have fun

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