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Coaching Circle Retrospective

Another round of coaching circles has come to an end. As usual we wrapped up with a retrospective.

We had a good representative from most of the circles for a great retro, despite the miserable weather. Red wine and a roaring fire definitely helped.

We started with a checkin for people to share their story about why they joined coaching circles. Followed by some brainstorming on what benefits people received, what they learned, things they tried because of the circles, as well as things they regret.

But all retro’s come down to actions. We tried to keep it simple. We loked at things we should keep and things we should add. Here is what we found.

Things to keep:

  • The fortnightly cadence and 90 minute duration
  • Intention setting at the end of each circle
  • Discussions about more broader topics that just Scrum
  • Big group circles, they did work!

Things to add:

  • Clearer expectations of what each circle is about, e.g. topics, level, etc
  • Enough mentors for each circle
  • Commitment from circle attendees to be at all sessions
  • Homework between sessions
  • Sharing more personal stories

We agreed that to achieve these we would essentially do 2 things

  1. Change the kickoff to include the first session where working agreements are set, commitment made clear, expectations of each circle discuss while everyone is together in a large group.
  2. Provide some guidelines to facilitators to help ensure they cover things we have learned in the past.

So if you are keen to join the next round of circles, be sure to be at the Kickoff this time.