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Code Lab Slides and Videos

We will be adding links to all the slides and videos from Code Lab in this post. Please bear with us as we assemble these.

Closing Keynote:

Ideas Aren’t Precious, People Are: What we’ve learned so far at the Nordstrom Innovation Lab – Jeremy Lightsmith



Video’s shown in the talk




DEVOPS & Continuous Deployment – Len Weincier

Code is up on GitHub at https://github.com/CloudAfrica/vagrant_example.git


Hands on Agile Software Architecture and Design – Martin Cronje


Git Workshop – Kevin Trethewey

Unit Testing for SQL- Alain King


You want me to do what??? – Neil Zeeman

Fast Tracking GUI development – Herman Lindvelt

xUnit Test Patterns – Peter Wiles


Event Report: How to stay sane as a Product Owner

A new voice in our local community, Rian van der Merwe spoke eloquently (and with good humour) from his perspective about the role of the Product Owner. Illustrated with lots of stories about the practical challenges in his role at Yola, what came through strongly was although they may not do Scrum “by the book” the spirit of Scrum and Agile was what really mattered.

You can find slides here and Rian has also just published a blog post which details his thinking.
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Open Space Notes

The SG10ZA Open Space Notes (small) are accessible from this link.

Thank you to all participants and conveners for making the Open Space such a success

Slides for “Software Testing – How has agile changed the game?”

Slides from the “Software Testing – How has agile changed the game? with Karen Greaves” are available for download here.