Track: PO

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: There is no doubt that estimation in the software world is really hard. Mention the word estimation and most agile teams will squirm and react rather nervously. There is a constant struggle between stakeholders who are trying to run a business according to plans and project teams that are reluctant to commit to dates and deliverables. So do you give up on estimation in agile development? While there are some valid objections to spending valuable time preparing estimates, it still remains necessary activity in most organizations. In this session we will look at some of the common estimation impediments in agile teams and look at some key practices that can lead to better estimates and commitments in an organization.

Bio of Annu Augustine:
annu_augustineAnnu has had sixteen years of experience in the software development field. She started her career programming in C++ and has worked in waterfall, iterative and agile environments. Annu is a big fan of agile processes because of its focus on the customer and its emphasis on delivering value.

Her passion is agile product ownership and product management, specifically in the enterprise space. The last seven years of her career has been about transforming ideas into products and leading teams to create products that are valuable, usable and feasible. Annu currently works as a product manager at Visa, Cape Town.