Justin Doyle & Kim Dowdeswell: Plants vs Zombies – Using team types to build healthier Scrum teams 2017-01-28T10:17:32+00:00

Track: Management

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Teams are challenging. Most companies know that teams are critical to the way they function, and anecdotal evidence is common – managers can probably tell you a story about team behaviour resulting in either success or failure – but may not be able to link this to quantifiable impacts. In the world of Scrum and self-organising teams, however, the impact of team behaviour is far more readily visible. Gaining a better understanding of how each member of the team approaches their tasks and interacts with others can lead to more effective team cohesion and, ultimately, healthier Scrum teams.

Bio of Justin Doyle:
justin_doyleJustin Doyle is a Scrum Master at Discovery Holdings, and a member of the SUGSA Johannesburg committee. He originally encountered agile during his time with Kaizania I.T. Services, where he initially worked on agile projects as a web developer, but later moved into the role of Agile Project Manager and ultimately Chief Technology Officer.

In an era of constant innovation Justin firmly believes that organisations need to have the flexibility to approach problems creatively in order to deliver better solutions. This is where his passion for agile first started: by getting business and systems teams to work closely together in a transparent and open environment, both sides can better understand the needs, requirements, risks and complexities of the other, helping them to stay focused on the primary goal of delivering value.

Bio of Kim Dowdeswell:

Kim_DowdeswellKim Dowdeswell is the Head of Science & Research for CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Solutions in South Africa. Joining the company in 2003, she was originally appointed as a Client Liaison Officer. Thereafter Kim progressed through the ranks of research consultancy until July 2010 when she was invited to join the management team. Kim has wide-ranging experience working with national and international organisations, across many sectors in South Africa and the broader African continent.

Kim is a registered industrial psychologist, and is currently President Elect for the Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA), having previously chaired the Society’s People Assessment in Industry interest group. She is a regular contributor at both scientific and professional conferences on various topics including trends and innovations in assessment, leadership and strategic talent management.

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