Karen Greaves: Agile Performance Appraisals – Do we need a number? 2017-01-28T10:17:33+00:00

Track: Management

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Performance Appraisals. We all have them. We mostly hate or fear them. In this session I’ll share my experience of both giving and receiving performance appraisals in a number of different organisations. I’ll talk about what has worked and what hasn’t. I’ll share some industry stats that show my experience is not unique.

Then I’ll share what happened when I finally had a boss who agreed to let me experiment and do it my way. I’ll tell you:
How I did performance appraisals without giving anyone a score.
How I used this to manage high performing and under-performing staff. How I figured out salary increases without a score.
How I kept HR happy with the process.
How people felt about the process.

You’ll leave the session with a new way to do performance reviews that work well for agile.

Bio of Karen Greaves:
karen_greavesKaren is half of Growing Agile where she works as an agile coach and trainer. Her job involves helping people apply agile in their work lives. Growing Agile work with people completely new to agile and people who’ve been doing it for years. The best part of her job is meeting and working with so many exceptional people and helping them find a solution that improves the way they work, and the software they deliver.

An important part of work to Karen is having fun. She enjoys what she does, and it’s infectious so if you hear loud laughter at this conference, she probably won’t be far away! 🙂

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