Kevin Trethewey & Danie Roux: Common sense is not common; Avoiding religious debates whilst making software 2017-01-28T10:17:32+02:00

 Track: PO

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Common sense is what tells us the world is flat. It’s what guided people to eat the brains of their enemies to make them smarter.
The problem with using common sense to guide decision making is that it’s a function of your worldview, experience and assumptions – of which most you are possibly not even consciously aware. This makes it an unreliable foundation on which to build. It also leads to ‘religious debates’ between people with conflicting ideas over what is the common sense path.

In this session Kevin Trethewey and Danie Roux will present a simple model with which to avoid common sense and discuss several counter-intuitive principles that can either block or allow value to flow through your organisations.

Bio of Kevin Trethewey:

kevin_trethewey77 Zimbabwe because born there.
88 South Africa because parents moved here.
95 Matric because had to.
96 Electrician because family business.
96 Waiter because not family business.
97 Computer because Doom.
97 Dismantled computer because Lego.
98 Programming course because waiter.
98 Freight logistics because first job.
99 Research and development because head hunted.
04 Software development contractor because money.
05 Mobile devices startup because take a chance.
06 Software development contractor because no money.
08 Driven Software because want to do it differently.
10 Driven Software because want to show others how to do it differently.
13 Driven Software because change the world.

Kevin Trethewey is the founding member of Driven Software, a consultancy with a successful five year track record of providing independent advice and coaching services to organisations that make software but whose core business is not software development.

Bio of Danie Roux:

danie_rouxDanie Roux is a people person and a change agent.

Danie’s proudest moment as a professional was to get the title “Team Mascot” printed onto a payslip. As a team mascot he has spent many years experiencing agile in many of its forms.

Most recently, Danie consults on the “why” and “how” of value creation.

Danie is always interested in being interested.

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