Nigel Basel: Enough Excuses – How to get started with TDD 2017-01-28T10:17:33+00:00

Track: Technical

Duration: 180 minutes

Description: Often the biggest obstacle to implementing TDD as part of a development process is where to start. In this session I would like to help attendees to answer some of the question of where to start, with specific reference to the following:
– What tools should I use?
– How do I handle legacy?
– Techniques such as mocking?
– Good Test/Bad Test, how can I tell?

Bio of Nigel Basel:
nigelNigel started out programming on an Apple II in the early eighties, Applesoft BASIC, tape drive and a 40 column monochrome screen. After a degree in Electronic Engineering, it was obvious that software was far more fun than hardware, so he has been writing software professionally ever since. This has taken him to 4 Continents (Africa, Antarctica, Europe and America). Been fun all the way. Nigel has worked mostly in C++ and C#, initially on Unix, but all Microsoft for the last 20 years.
Projects have ranged from telecoms to banking, traffic control to email marketing. He is currently one of the founders and owners of a UK based multi channel marketing platform.

Nigel has been doing Agile in various forms since 2002, and is passionate about code craftsmanship with a particular love of Test Driven Development.

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