Peter Hundermark: Culture eats Agile for breakfast | lessons learned in Europe and Africa 2017-01-28T10:17:32+00:00

Track: ScrumMaster

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: No doubt, culture is a complex as well as a powerful phenomenon. Part of its power stems from its invisibility: in every organisation culture sums up the natural way of how we do things around here. What happens…if we are keen to change this natural way? …if we challenge the processes and daily routines that appear as a given? …if we are even crazy enough to introduce Lean-Agile methods in order to improve these processes and routines?

In our workshop we’ll present some of our intercultural experience from being Lean-Agile experts working in both South Africa and Europe. Based on Ed Schein’s understanding of culture as a broad, deeply rooted and highly contradictory set of artefacts, values and beliefs, we will share lessons we have learned working with our own clients:
* the importance to apply state-of-the-art change management know-how when it comes to introduce Lean or Agile to your organisation
* the specific role of a powerful guiding coalition for this change management process
* the need for leadership development at all levels in the organisation
* the power of emotions along with the need for a convincing sense of urgency to change
* the opportunities, threats and limits of external & internal experts.

Bio of Peter Hundermark:
peter_hundermarkPeter studied engineering and commerce. He has worked in IT for a very long time and in many roles including software development, sales, marketing, product management, general management and, of course, project management. He has led numerous projects for high-profile organisations in South Africa and North America. He has worked with iterative and incremental software development processes since 1999, focusing on Scrum and Agile practices since 2006. He started Scrum Sense in 2007. He founded the Scrum User Group of South Africa in 2008. He has introduced Scrum into scores of development teams locally and in Brazil. He leads certified Scrum training classes in South Africa and elsewhere. He is a Certified Scrum Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer.


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