Rian van der Merwe: Product Management in a multi-device world 2017-01-28T10:17:32+00:00

Track: Product Owner

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Product Management was hard enough when we were just designing web sites for desktops or apps for mobile devices. Well, it just got harder, since we’ve now crossed over into a world where we simply cannot predict how, where, or on what device people will use the products we create. Add to that some conflicting advice about building apps vs. mobile sites vs. adaptive experiences, as well as false thinking around the context of mobile phone usage, and it’s a recipe for product confusion.

In this talk I will discuss how the web in general, and mobile context specifically, have changed over the past few years, and how responsive web design is the best approach to adapt to these changes. I’ll then go into detail on how Product Managers need to adjust their workflows and processes to create multi-device experiences more effectively. We’ll discuss the principles of content first and mobile first thinking, and how we can integrate processes into our teams that will help us develop digital experiences that are future friendly and will adapt to any device or screen size that users throw at it.

Bio of Rian van der Merwe:
Rian van der Merwe Rian is passionate about designing and building software that people love to use. After spending several years working in Silicon Valley, he is currently Director of User Experience at consultancy Flow Interactive in South Africa. He also writes regularly about design, technology, and software development for Smashing Magazine and his own site, Elezea.

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