Samantha Laing: Coding Dojo – Experience one, run one 2017-01-28T10:17:33+00:00

Track: Technical

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: A Coding Dojo is a gathering of developers who work together on a specific programming challenge. The aim is to have fun and engage in deliberate practice to improve skills and understand code in a deeper way.
We intend this workshop to be for developers to experience a coding dojo, aswell as for managers and scrum masters to understand how to facilitate and create a space to allow the magic to happen.
To attend this session, you should have a laptop (or attend with someone who has a laptop) with a development environment setup on it – any language.

Bio of Samantha Laing:
sam_laingSamantha started her career as a developer. Attention to detail, finding and fixing bugs, and also communicating well to managers and customers quickly saw her promoted to team lead and then to development manager. It was in this position, on a death march project, that Samantha realized there had to be another way and recalled a pleasant project she had worked on as a developer – a scrum project. Now, a few years later, she finds herself guiding and mentoring others with a passion for agile. Her goal remains to make the entire process from business vision to development less frustrating and more rewarding for everyone involved. She has spoken at some large Agile conferences and met amazing people worldwide. Samantha’s personal motto is ‘be brave’, and she embodies this by taking on challenges one small step at a time. On weekends you can find her trail running on a mountain or being lazy on the couch with her family 🙂


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