Thibaut Zafack & Matt Urbanski: Building reliable development environment with Vagrant 2017-01-28T10:17:32+00:00

Track: Technical

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Have you ever had to spend an entire day setting up your workstation again? Have you had to install a database server onto your laptop? Did you find it painful? What happened when you moved to another project and didn’t discover until later that you had been running the wrong version?

With the power of virtualization and automated configuration management, there’s no need to ever run these kinds of third party external dependencies on your machine.

This workshop will start with showing you how you can stand up your own “production like” PostgreSQL database server locally in a VM in just a few minutes. After some brief explanation, you’ll be running the scripts on your machine too!

Bio of Thibaut Zafack:

Thibaut Zafack TThibaut serves ThoughtWorks, Inc as a Consultant Developer. He has prior experience in finance and project management.
He aims to create and set up effective solution to problems with his computer science, engineering, finance and project management skills. He is a certified Financial Risk Manager and a certified Project Management Professional.




Bio of Matt Urbanski:

Matthew UrbanskiMatthew Urbanski made the move from full time sysadmin to developer and is now somewhere in between in the dubiously named world of devops. He works for ThoughtWorks as a devops consultant, helping organizations get their teams in line by developing tools and processes that make releases less painful. Urbanski is a strong proponent of continuous delivery and open source software.

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