Wayne Pringle-Wood: The lies we live. Iterative and Incremental development. 2017-01-28T10:17:32+00:00

Track: Product Owner

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: Iterating is a key concept behind any agile framework. It provides the ability to inspect and adapt the product to meet expectations and market demands in short intervals. The truth is that we suck at iterating. With end goals in mind it is very hard to sway the options and direction of product and learn from information being generated by each product iteration. The majority of us for whatever reason end up doing big bang releases to production, even when we mature beyond this the best most of us will get to is delivering in increments.

Wayne and Austin will talk about their efforts in introducing the enterprise to concepts like MVP, cost of delay, real options and a few other tools that should be in every Product Owner’s toolkit.

Bio of Wayne Pringle-Wood:

I am a Scrum master who works in a large corporate. My passion is coaching people and teams to help them understand and use tools that lead to effective product management. I am also an advocate of building integrity in with TDD and XP practices.

Currently I am finishing up academic research on complexity theory. Which might explain why I started brewing my own beer.

Bio of Austin Fagan:
I’m a ScrumMaster that tries to coach the Enterprise. I fail on a daily basis but keep coming back for another round, kind of like Rocky. I’m passionate about technical practices and, of late, learning more and more about product development.

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