Agile Fluency™ Model – Presented by Steve Holyer on 21 Oct 2015 2017-01-28T10:17:24+00:00

Announcement from Agility@IQ: Unleash Your Value Proposition using the Agile Fluency™ Model – Presented by Steve Holyer on 21 Oct 2015 – R5999 Ex VAT

As a Business Leader or Coach:
• Have you really received the expected benefits from your Agile transformations?
• Do your teams deliver all the results that customers need? Can they unlock your product’s value proposition?
• Are you wanting to see faster Agile growth in the teams you lead or coach?
• Are you looking for a meaningful team assessment? One that yields objectives & recommendations for further development?
• Has your organisation’s latest change program stalled, or is it headed towards the rubbish bin like other change programs before it?

In this workshop you will learn how to choose the rewards & benefits that you get out of Agile Software Development, & you will learn to plan the investments to make in order to achieve the benefits you choose. I’ll show you how to kick-start your Agile transformation & take it to a higher level.

Whether your company is new to Agile, experienced with Agile, or starting Agile again, I will show you how to create a strategy for managing or coaching an agile team based on understanding how teams develop fluent proficiency. In this workshop you will explore the Agile Fluency™ Model from James Shore & Diana Larsen, & learn how to use it effectively with executives, leaders & teams.

Who will benefit: Coaches, Product Owners, Managers, ScrumMasters, Executives & Change makers
Prerequisites: none
Level: Practicing

I will map how different Agile methodologies or practices are useful for different things at different levels of transformation & I will help you identify which practices may be useful for you to provide leadership to reach the level of Agile Fluency that meets the needs of your organisation.

During the workshop we will:
• Work in groups to address the questions that concern you most
• Apply the Agile Fluency Model to determine the Agile approaches that fit your needs best
• Identify skills & practices to develop your teams’ fluency
• Create a leadership or coaching plan to take your Agile adoption to the next level, & unleash product value in your development organisation

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About the Agile Fluency Model
Diana Larsen & James Shore developed the Agile Fluency Model because too many people told them “We tried Agile & it didn’t work”. Diana & James knew there must be a better way. They remembered when people adopted Agile because they said it made their lives & their products better. Going beyond the basics, the model show how successful teams develop their understanding of Agile over time. With the model as a guide, you can help teams develop the skills, practices, & mind-set for Agile to work in your organisation. The model shows teams, managers, coaches, & executives what results they can get from Agile. The model shows what they need to invest for those results. And, we will help you manage, lead & coach using the model for “best fit”

Join us for this special 1-day advanced workshop. Learn how you can unleash value to make Agile work for you.

Steve Holyer
I want you to create the kind of Agile transformation that works. Your transformation must fit your needs & deliver lasting results. International conference speaker, trainer, coach, & consultant—that’s who I am. I specialise in Agile transformations at the team, PMO, & management levels. I’m glad to collaborate with Diana Larsen & James Shore because the Agile Fluency Model just works, which is why I developed the 3 and 5 day Agile Fluency Immersion training experience with Diana. My mission is working with leaders, coaches, & change agents to develop their “best fit” Agile.
With more than 25 years’ experience developing software & managing technology development, I’m still uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. I’m based in Switzerland & offer training & coaching services in around the world.