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3 hours *hands on practitioner level


For me to be agile in software development takes a lot of courage and humility.  Courage, because I am always walking into an unknown problem space with the hope of finding a reasonable solution.  Humility, because I often get it wrong and need to back up a bit (or a lot) and take another unknown pathway.  Over time, I’ve learnt to be comfortable with my fear and now take a very exploratory approach to understanding a problem and trying to solve it.  In this session, I will lead you through an exploration or two, working the pathways with some code and some blocks and lines, each time trying to distill our discoveries and increase our confidence to explore just a little bit more.

Learning Objective:

The objective is to push ourselves outside of our design skills comfort zone by sharpening our refactoring blades, and tightening our feedback loop.


This session is not for beginners.  I assume that each person has been actively practicing test driven development, is able to design at micro and macro levels and has an understanding of patterns and how to apply them.  I will be working with code on screen, on paper and “in the air”.  I will most probably use ruby, python, javascript or CoffeeScript for sharing code.  I do expect that each person is able to read and understand the intention of code in an unfamiliar language.




Aslam Khan

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