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3 hours *hands on practitioner level


This is a hands-on lab that discusses a number of concerns with developing Graphical User Interfaces applications (both for desktop and mobile), and explore various ways to improve the speed, efficiency and satisfaction of GUI development.

  1. Do you sometimes think that coding in Java or Objective-C is perhaps not the best way of constructing GUIs?
  2. Do you feel that your team should be able to develop GUI applications much faster?
  3. Are you frustrated with the amount of “donkey code” you are writing to implement some basic GUI features?
  4. Are the new team members struggling with the high learning curve of the GUI frameworks you are using?
  5. Are you spending more time on coding GUI behaviour than you spend on coding domain behaviour?
  6. Do your team find it difficult to add or modify existing features of a GUI application?

The above questions highlight some of the issues typically found when doing GUI application development.. This workshop explores a number of frameworks, tools and techniques to help us build GUI applications more effectively, in a highly interactive and hands-on way.

Visual GUI builder tools, code generators, UI DSLs: these are some of the topics we will investigate.

However, none of these have any meaning if a good foundation of UI development principles and practices is not embraced in a project. The workshop also aims to instill a number of important principles and practices that is a must for any good GUI development team.

Learning Objectives:

  • UI Development Principles and Practices
  • DSL (Domain Specific Languages) Introduction
  • Visual Builders and GUI building Tools and where do they fit in
  • Code Generators: good or bad?
  • Can this all be done by Lisp?


This is meant for a technical audience, specifically developers who are involved with some form of GUI development, whether it is for desktop or mobile.


Laptops are optional


Herman Lindvelt

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