Ideas Aren’t Precious, People Are: What we’ve learned so far at the Nordstrom Innovation Lab 2017-01-28T10:17:33+00:00
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What does agile look like in the context of an innovation lab?

In trying to answer that question, we’ve done some interesting things: 1 week projects, failing 80{6b0d2667ce3e862a710371ddcad071d42f80ce355f6c975cf5f5e426d041b86a} of our experiments – on purpose, interviewing people in their homes.

We take ideas from Agile, Lean, Lean Startup, & Design Thinking and use them find innovative solutions for our customers.

The Nordstrom Innovation Lab is an extreme case, and we find it’s at the edges that you often find inspiration. As we talk about discovering our process we hope it gives you ideas about you might discover yours.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is Lean Startup and why do I care?
  • What is Design Thinking and why do I care?
  • Several ideas on how to get to build high performing teams including: Core Protocols, Small Teams, Chartering, and 20{6b0d2667ce3e862a710371ddcad071d42f80ce355f6c975cf5f5e426d041b86a} time.






Jeremy Lightsmith

William Rowden

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