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Lightning talks are super fast talks of only 10 minutes each with 5 minutes for questions between speakers. They are a perfect way to get exposed to lots of ideas quickly. Great for lagging attention spans near the end of the day 🙂

The Quality Lab

Speaker: Brent Blake

Quality must be an upfront and continuous focus at each step of your development process. You can’t inspect it in afterwards.

  1. Good Design beats Good Code
  2. TDD is not negotiable
  3. Pair programming’s time has come
  4. How to QA
  5. Standards, Values, Vision

How pet projects can save your career and make you happier

Speaker: Simon Stewart

We’ve all heard about Google’s famous “20{6b0d2667ce3e862a710371ddcad071d42f80ce355f6c975cf5f5e426d041b86a} time”.  This talk will explain some of the hidden benefits behind this simple, yet much underused, idea.

Whether it’s officially sanctioned company time or just tinkering away in the evening, this talk will show you how important “pet projects” are for developers and how it can lead to happier and better skilled staff.

Cynefin – Problem Analysis Mapping

Speaker: Steve Randles

Dave Snowden’s insightful framework for analyzing and responding to problems

  1. Overview of the model
  2. Examples to aid understanding

Agile code reviews: helping to build quality in by building stronger teams

Speaker: Peter Wiles

Technical practices are often overlooked when teams take on Agile methodologies, but “quality built-in” is a fundamental requirement if you want to be truly agile, or want to take steps towards Lean.  In this talk we look at how to use code reviews as a tool to boost team knowledge as well as improve code quality and prevent defects, thus increasing the capacity (or velocity) of your agile teams.

Can I Trust You?

Speaker: Lorraine Steyn

On understanding Trust, and why it’s essential for being Agile.

  1. Understanding various  Trust systems
  2. Challenges in a work context
  3. Applying it to Agile

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